Where to start learning English?

Where to start learning English ?

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Let's talk about which start in learning a language will be the most productive. First, you need to decide on the purpose for which you want to start learning English. Someone needs English for traveling around the world, someone for entering a university, for passing international exams, for climbing the career ladder. And for someone - just for the common development and communication with foreigners.
So, you have a specific goal, to achieve which you need to master the English language. We must begin to study it. But how? There are a lot of ways now. For those who have never studied English, attempts to study it independently are ineffectiveAt the initial stage, you definitely need a person who knows the language perfectly, who will help you learn the basics and will correct your mistakes. Drives and tutorials, in this case, are useless. You need to start learning English only in courses in a group, or individually with a teacher.
And in fact, and in another method has its advantages and disadvantages.
The main advantage of learning English in courses is a group form of training. The courses have a motivation to be the best among students, a competitive atmosphere. For many people, this is an incentive to learn. Another plus of the courses: this is that a fee is taken in advance for a certain period of study. After that, you involuntarily have to come to classes, even if you are not in the mood, tired, or if you decide to postpone the study of English  “for later”. You cannot influence the tight schedule. This is good for those who find it difficult to organize themselves.
The disadvantages of learning courses.  Firstly, if you missed a lesson (for example, due to illness) - no one will wait for you, you will have to catch up on your own at an accelerated pace. In addition, if your level of knowledge differs from the group average, you will still have to study under the general program. As a result, either you will have to listen to information that is already secondary to you, or vice versa, to catch up with the group. In addition, being in a group, students often hesitate to ask questions that they did not understand or ask questions that might seem silly to others, although of course, it all depends on the student himself. Although it should be noted that in our school of foreign languages, this does not happen since the classes have a friendly and productive atmosphere.
At the initial stage, in no case do not choose accelerated training courses  - you will be stuffed with grammar and vocabulary at too high a speed for you. After that, fragments of phrases and a feeling that English grammar is something terrible, and that you will never master it, remain in my memory.
And now let's talk about individual lessons with a teacher, which you can also study at our Knowledge school.   You will be the only student. In this you can see your minus  - you will not have anyone to compete with. It is also worth noting that individual lessons are generally more expensive than group lessons.
In individual lessons, the teacher can meet you if you ask to cancel the lesson. This is both a plus and a minus  - because an undisciplined student may be tempted to abuse it. And we believe that in order to achieve maximum results, classes should be regular.

Nevertheless, individual lessons have many more advantages.

The teacher will find out your level of knowledge from the very beginning and prepare a training program for you. You do not have to urgently catch up on something, or vice versa, wait for the rest to go through what you have already learned. An individual program will help - depending on the purpose of your language learning - to focus on spoken or written English, to select exactly the vocabulary that you will need in the future, etc. The teacher will determine whether you have mastered this or that topic well enough or if you still need to work on it - that is, you will go forward at exactly the speed that you need.
Another advantage for shy and modest students  - only two are present at the lesson - the teacher and you. So, you can ask your question at any time, without fear that it will sound funny or stupid. The tutor will explain incomprehensible moments to you personally and at the very level and in the form that you need. If you missed a lesson, you won’t have to catch up with anyone. And, of course, you will not have to pay for a missed lesson if you warn in advance that you cannot come.
We hope that this article will be useful for you!
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